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Technology Evolves => Watch it happen.

The most resourceful thrive. With a geometrically expanding information base, resourceful means not just knowing how to find information, or knowing who to ask.

It means leveraging open source technology to harvest facts and knowledge.
It means harnessing powerful tools to turn ideas into features, and data into insight.
It means using techBio to access the broad range of the web community.

TechBio develops and adapts cutting-edge computing resources for businesses, groups and creatives. A locus of computer-aided knowledge extraction, communications, audiovisual media description and predictive modeling, techBio innovates for insight.

Silicon precision and cellular wisdom.

TechBio Development Group

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Research and Data Services

TechBio comes between guessing and knowing.

The World Wide Web contains billions of web pages, many of which we use every day and many more with insightful content and data that are underutilized. To have a specific subset of the information you need available under your fingertips can make the difference.

We will find it-summarize and serve it. Searchable, browsable, screenable information products can be created to advance your knowledge supply chain.

Samples are available and custom work is welcomed. We look forward to working with you on your request.

Ping TechBio to ask a question or request a data pool. provides custom data packages from distributed sources on and off of the World Wide Web.
Whether plain flat files, standalone databases, Excel or HTML/Web Browser formats, on demand or recurring automated feeds, public or protected, a custom data resource can be created to drive your information base.