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Research and Data Services

TechBio manages your data packages across distributed sources. The web spans billions of resources, many of which we use every day and many more with insightful content and data that are underutilized.

We will find it, summarize, and serve it. Searchable, browsable, screenable information products can be created to advance your knowledge supply chain.

To have a specific subset of the information you need available under your fingertips can make the difference.

  • Statistical Analysis and Custom Programming
  • Charts, graphs, illustrations, geomapping
  • Summaries, facts and figures, clusters and relationships
  • SEO link neighborhoods, keyword analysis
  • Industry, politics, demographics, sports, financial information

Whether plain flat files, CSV, JSON, standalone relational databases, spreadsheets, XML/HTML formats, updated on demand or recurring automated feeds, public or securely private, a custom data resource can be created to drive your information base.

Samples are available and custom requests are welcomed. We look forward to working with you on your request.

Data comes between guessing and knowing.