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Grid | CodeDub

2007-11-22 19:31:45

CodeDub interprets and executes Code|Dub structures in a grid formation, with nods to John Conrad's Game of Life, StarLOGO's work in agent based emergent behavior, and many other simulation systems. A "square in the grid" may connect to one or more of its eight surrounding neighbors. While CodeDub provides an interactive method for programming applications and scripts from scratch, an important feature is the ability to import large existing applications and libraries. The grid is pre-populated in this case with a representation of the codebase's dependency graph. Those scripts, modules, objects, or outputs which require one another are linked, wherever possible with the minimization of Euclidean distance between the group. The code grid is sandwiched between other grids which may be thought of as message passing channels, or modeled on neural axons.

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