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2021-02-11 14:30:05

Metafork search and architecture for tagged resources of many random pages, create links from all words (metafork.com/word) at the linked page, create links of pages with word in them furthermore, create links of near word pairs http://metafork.com/distance/wordA/wordB/wordC and the corresponding link lists intra-duel using above networks, intitialize rankings by page backlinks and the ratio totalwordcount/wordcount provide 1-5 scale hotornot style feedback review logged visits, and referrers, also ranked, to filter and compute sort key values allow resources to be added and displayed for one day for initialization baseline (compare to all time average of existing related pages)

outgoing visitor count incoming visitor count tagcloud discoverer of tagclouds, build subsequence tagclouds to narrow resource bases and display top links use local and multiple remote tagging databases webpage burier push page rankings down-aging, superceded by local resource, etc. outlink barrier departure page - outgoing links are formed like https://www.example.com/out/www.url.com/the_page.html where out displays either a tagcloud or user submitted data about the site/page

subdomain tagcloud hosting and routing collaborative code host a number of site related tagsets under subdomain or directory on multisite network provide seed data, SQLlite and PHP code to instantly begin adjust ranking algorithm parameters, to avoid competition and maximize usefulness branding template (see google results in site JS?)

Acronym Model tag generators acrognome from short words, create random phrases-ie 'hits'--hot in the summer--display as tag routed links acrobiotic science acronyms aaacrobat and famous quotations, to generate wisdom from problems

MyStatus keyword inquiry tagsplitter get words from nonseparated strings regex page splitter use common file specific 2-character combinations, zip code style numerals and other common format elements in preg_split or preg_match to count string positions calculate standard deviation of position differences lower values here should correspond to repeated format and higher values to uniqueness of strings choose a split array and compare positions of frequent regular expressions, and use these as a tagset for anchor links in reformatted page tag/url routing in standalone resources eliminate those similar to standard english text?

Blog usage survey community data project--fill in survey, list your site, view data statistical procedures, view output data window how many articles have you seen in the past week/mo? how many articles have you read in the past week/mo? how many blogs have you read today/week/month? how many have you bookmarked? how much time did you spend on your blog today, yesterday? how much time did you spend with all blogs today, yesterday, this week? advice request i am trying to . I have looked into . I would appreciate feedback on how use my skills in to . Could you offer any advice? (thoughts,clarification, sounds familiar, way one can)

Fisherman's log market-enthusiasts, charter captains, customers, baitshops date weather location-plotted or secret-special access only species catch counts water temperature people bait, other attributes

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